Bar & Restaurant

Service available in the restaurant, bar, terraces and in the room (under availability)



Bread 2.30€

Bread and seasoned butter 2.50€

Bread, olive oil and seasoned olives 3.30€

Bread, olive oil and butter 3.30€


Vegetable creamy soup without potatoes 3.80€

Strawberry gazpacho with braised sardine 3.80€

Pumpkin creamy soup garnished curd cheese and roasted pumpkin seeds 4.20€

Creamy cress soup with "linguiça" and toasted almond 4.50€
(linguiça: chorizo type sausage)

Starters and snacks

Cheese platter salty cookies and homemade jam 5.50€

Stewed gizzards, portuguese style  5.00€

Oregano and paprika chips 2.50€

French fries 2.50€

Spanish style potatoes with chili sauce 2.70€

Scrambled eggs with portuguese sausage "alheira" and asparagus 6.50€

Cheese ans portuguese sausages platter 6.50€

"Rocha" pear tart with goat cheese gratin 7.00€

Trio of portuguese sausages (chorizo, bold and black pudding) 7.00€

Our tapas 11.00€
(chicken samosa with sweet & sour sauce, breaded prawn with aioli, peas with poached egg)

Our Niçoise salad 12.00€
(fresh tuna, letuce, egg, potatoe, olives and honey vinaigrette)

Sandwiches and toasts

Toast (ham | cheese | turkey ham) 4.00€

Ham & cheese toast 4.50€

Smoked turkey ham & cheese toast 4.50€

Club Sandwich 9.90€

Villa Batalha "Prego" (steak sandwich with fried egg and salad) 10.90€

Smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese, capers and rucula 9.90€

Bacon burger with cheese, caramelized onion, egg and cocktail sauce (on bread) 10.90€


Tomato and fresh cheese salad with pesto sauce 7.00€

Spinach tagliatelle with tomato sauce and wild rucola 10.00€

Ratatouille with herbs and sous vide poached egg 10.00€

Wild mushroom risotto with parmesan 12.50€

Quinoa with sauteed vegtables with truffle oil, fresh spinach and goji berry 11.00€


Fresh braised salmon salad with mango vinaigrette, avocado and parmesan cheese 14.50€

Braised sea bream, pea creamy rice with fresh basil 17.50€

Sea bass fillet with lemon caviar, roasted carrot puree, mix of sauteed mushrooms e confit tomato 17.50€

Cod fish loin, truffled mushrooms "brás" and crispy mint 19.50€

Octopus with "Pia do Urso" olive oil, cuttlefish ink risotto with sun-dried tomato 23.00€


Smoked roastbeef salad with roasted pumpkin and flavored croutons 10.00€

Hamburger with fried egg, green salad with Villa Batalha sauce 14.50€

Traditional "Bitoque" (steak, fried egg, rice and salad) 14.50€

Saffron and chicken risotto with asparagus tips 14.90€

Pork stew, mashed bean with cabbage and portuguese sausage sauce 15.50€

Chichen supreme, mashed potato with "alheira" and baby vegetables with ginger 15.50€
(alheira: cured sausage with meat, garlic & bread)

Duck leg confit with roasted pumpkin and ginger risotto 17.50€

Grilled sirloin steak, portuguese style 24.00€


Villa Batalha dessert (suggestion) 4.00€

Pineapple carpaccio with spices and lima sorbet 4.20€

Sliced fruit platter 4.20€

Fruit salad 4.20€

Caramelized lemon tart with tiramisu ice cream 4.50€

Ice cream bowl (3 flavours) 5.50€

"Brisa do Liz" (local delicacy with almonds and eggs), chocolate and lemon sorbet 4.20€

"Alcobaça" apple tart tatin with spice ice cream 4.20€

Chocolate fondant and raspberry ice cream 4.70€

Cider parfait, almond praline and coconut ice cream 4.70€

For the little ones

Douradinhos with vegetables and rice 8.50€

Grilled chicken breast, rice and french fries 10.50€

Spaghetti bolognese 10.50€

Fresh salmon tenderloin with vegetable puree 12.00€

For information on allergens please ask our staff.
Prices include VAT at the current rate. We have a complaints book available.